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Welcome to BioGIS

What is BioGIS?

BioGIS is a Geographical Information System established to create a national database of the flora and fauna of Israel. The database is open to the public and provides advanced tools for querying, analyzing, modeling, and visualizing patterns of species distribution in Israel.

Where do the data come from?

The BioGIS database compiles records of plant and animal species from herbaria and museum collections respectively, and from surveys carried out by academic institutions, individual scientists, government authorities, and non-governmental organizations in Israel.

Scientific Notes, Disclaimers and Provisos for Users of BioGIS

Scientific notes
  • Biodiversity data generally constitute positive information only; that is, absence of a record does not mean absence of a particular species at a particular point in space or time. Because biodiversity sampling is often spotty, biased, and incomplete, understanding the positive-only nature of the data is critical to proper understanding and interpretation.
  • Taxonomic definitions are inherently variable. Users of BioGIS should be aware that species names may change as groups are reviewed and revised. BioGIS is being developed as a dynamic database, and species names should be actively updated to meet the current international taxonomic criteria.
  • In BioGIS, biological records are integrated with digital maps of various environmental factors. These maps are derived from a variety of sources and differ from each other in their levels of detail, scale, and accuracy. These aspects should be taken into account in performing and interpreting GIS-based queries.


Data are provided in this system under the general, overarching principle of free and open access to biodiversity information and technology.

Data are provided under the understanding that their use would be generally consistent with the philosophy of not causing detriment to wild species.


Users would not have ownership rights on any data found in the web site. The ownership rights on the data in the site, including all rights on intellectual property, would be at all times of the BioGIS Project or the original database providers.

Usage of data

Data are provided on an "as is" basis: no responsibility by the BioGIS project or by the providers of the original data is accepted for uses or misuses.

Data are provided on an end-user basis, i.e., data are provided for primary users and should not be passed on to third parties or redistributed.

Data are not expected to be used for profit-making. Use of the data for commercial or for profit applications are permitted only via specific permission from the managers of BioGIS and from the relevant data providers.


Neither the creators of this biodiversity information system nor the data providers guarantees either the accuracy, reliability, or completeness of the data provided, or the reliability and functionality of the system's query tools.


Data obtained from the BioGIS database should be cited/acknowledged as follows: